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The APMG Advantage

The APM Group is dedicated to working with partner and client organizations to ensure their Intellectual Property (IP) is managed and controlled in a manner suitable for their business. Depending on the requirements, we offer the resources to sub-license IP in conjunction with any qualification scheme and can review and refine policies and guidelines for protection and use by third parties. Part of our role when working with organizations is ensuring IP abuse is reduced.

Only Accredited Organizations (AOs) and authorized affiliates have licences to offer training courses that incorporate trademarks and copyright material from the brands we work with. These AOs have been fully accredited and approved by APMG-International.

The accreditation process involves an assessment of the organization's management systems, course materials and trainers. All licensed parties have a right to use logos related to their activity alongside the licence to use the IP. Organizations offering training who are not accredited may be in breach of Intellectual Property law.

For more information on the use of Intellectual Property please contact us to speak to a member of our legal team.


Dealing with infringements is vital to protecting IP and ensuring the quality of goods and services available. APM Group has a vested interest in ensuring the IP of the brands we manage is protected and all infringements are pursued. We actively assist in the protection of all our partners’ IP by direct surveillance of websites and by using our network of AOs to bring potential infringements to our attention and take action where necessary. If you are aware of any infringement please do not hesitate to contact us.

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