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Software Tool Evaluation Service

Through its contract with the Cabinet Office, The APM Group offers an evaluation service for project management software tools. The service enables vendors to demonstrate the degree of alignment of their tools with the principles of Cabinet Office's relevant operational guidance.

How the scheme works

The software endorsement scheme is a scheme where software products/tools are assessed according to Cabinet Office Best Practice Guidelines. Upon successful review the tool vendor is able to make use of the benefits as listed below. There are three levels of review, progression is optional and applicants must work up the levels of the scheme.

APMG Endorsed logo 2011Regardless of the level of assessment, applicants liaise directly with the software tool assessor in order to ensure the assessment is carried out with full instruction. At the end of each assessment the assessor will produce a report detailing the outcome of the review. This report is agreed upon by the parties and submitted to relevant magazine editors for publication upon the tool vendors consent. There is also the option to appear of the Software Tools Listing. Silver and Gold level endorsed tools are able to make use of the APMG Endorsement logo as shown.

Levels of endorsement

Bronze Level - This is a basic evaluation to determine the degree of alignment and consistency with the high-level principles of specified Cabinet Office operational guidance. This will be charged at a set fee of £800 + VAT, regardless of the outcome.

Silver Level - This assessment reviews the degree of alignment and consistency with the full principles of specified Cabinet Office operational guidance. This will be charged at a price determined  by the amount of effort needed to undertake a full assessment and will be quoted in the Bronze report.

Gold Level - The functionality and usability of the product is reviewed against the manufacturer's claims. This assessment will be based on a review of the product/tool and feedback from at least two  members of the user community or users of the product.

Software tool assessments can vary in length and the estimated time and cost is notified to each applicant following the basic Bronze level assessments. APM Group may choose to combine the Bronze and Silver reports for some assessments.

Cabinet Office have approved the evaluation process but the results do not constitute a recommendation or an endorsement by cabinet Office.

Benefits to Tool Vendors

  • Re-assurance that the product does what it says  
  • Re-assurance that the product conforms to Cabinet Office Best Practice Guidance
  • Use of the endorsement mark in relation to the product being assessed.

Software tool vendors are also able to make a statement that they have been endorsed by the APM Group for the Cabinet Office product in question. If a statement is made, the following wording must also be used: "The endorsement signifies that this product has been independently quality-reviewed and endorsed by APM Group, and does not in any way imply endorsement by the Cabinet Office".

Details of tools that have been assessed so far can be found on our Software Tools Listing.

Tool vendors who are interested in participation in the evaluation service, please download and fill out the application form and submit it to, or contact us.

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